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London was the last stop of my holiday. It was my first time in the city and to be honest I wasn’t very excited about going there. Crazy, ah?! My friends who live there and also the ones who lived there used to say that I was going to love London for so many reason, but the “so often bad weather” factor always put me of the idea of going to English city. Luckily this time I had to go as we where flying out of London back to Auckland. I say luckily because I could never imagine that I was going to LOVE that place so much. I just can’t wait to go back there (perhaps for a fashion course). The whole mix of so many different cultures attracts me so much!
But let me talk about the look… I worn this outfit in my last day in London, it was sunny with a fresh breeze, reason why I chose to wear my Parka jacket, legging and sneakers. Comfortable/trendy outfit!