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KIWI Reduces wrinkles, combates under-eye-circles and contains phenolic compounds, which fight skin irritations.

BLACKBERRIES Help your body manufacture collagen, so eating a handfullwill put you on the right path for smooth skin.

OILY FISH Salmon, mackerel, fresh tuna and other oily fish are key to keeping pores clear and skin moisturised, thanks to omega-3 fatty acids. I normally eat one of these fish once a week, sometimes more than that and I also take fish oil pills everyday. It makes my hair more shiny and my nails stronger.

WATERCRESS It’s known for treating rashes, thanks to the vitamin C it contains.

BRAZIL NUTS Packet with the mineral selenium, brazil nuts battle acne and other skin infections. They’re also known to improve the elasticity of skin.

PUMPKIN SEEDS Rich in zinc, which helps to repair damaged skin.

STRAWBERRIES It contain ellagic acid, which is an antioxidant that protects your skin against harmful UV rays.

EGGS Eggwhite launches a three-pronged attack on skin conditions. The protein tightens pores,  reduces puffy eyes and soothes irritation.

AVOCADO We know avocado keeps cholesterol low and blood pressure steady – but it turns out the high count of vitamins C and E makes it for our skin, too!

ASPARGUS Packet with vitamin B, which hepls kin lock in moisture. By adding aspargus to your week diet  you will get rid of skin dryness, inflammation and flaking.

DARK CHOCOLATE It contains flavonoids, which means smooth skin and extra sun protection.